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Driving underwater like there's no tommorow.
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This might be a very known bug/glitch (whatever you want to call it) To you guys due to you've probably tried it before. Anyway so here's the thing, You can pretty much drive down into the water and drive like it was nothing, the vehicle doesn't get damaged but you do get a big reduction in speed though... and in my case I even had the Car window open which was pretty much a mindfuck at most. (This can be seen here: )


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It should be pretty simple. Add the same system to cars when they go in water as Arma 2 had (Damage over time) and that pretty much sums it up :)

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Driving Underwater Video -

[Keep in mind that for some reason the bass is maxed out (literally only bass) when driving under water so I replaced the sounds partly]

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That's really strange, in my testing immediately after release, in the same vehicle, the engine went red/orange 2 seconds after hitting the water and was undriveable.

i cant reproduce this. effect is similar to arma 2 at he moment

Just re-tested.

Engine is disabled and player is kicked out. Is probably related to the mission you were running.

I just re-tested on a scenario mission and the exact same thing happened (I could drive like I could in that vid).

Unable to reproduce. In which exact mission do you test it?

Can't reproduce on alpha 0.51.103078
(and believe me I tried a lot :D)

@DarkDruid The video is from a Roleplay mod AKA Street Life, and the second time I tried I did it on the Scenario mission where you have to Steal the armored vehicle

I'm not able to reproduce it in showcase Vehicles. Could you please check it one more time? But try it in our mission or directly in editor, situation in the mode could be changed by scripting (script command "allowDamage" can do this). Thank you

Checked in the Editor/Sandbox, Same thing happend even when I did "allowDamage", however it seems like if I drive into the water in fullspeed (around 80km/h) I'll just hover down to the bottom of the water and drive, but if I drive slow (less than 40km/h or so) then I go down as a line and the vehicle destroys itself.

Still unable to reproduce. I am afraid that something in your game is broken by some modification, because noone else is able to reproduce this.

You can try to uninstall your game, delete all related folders and install it again. This should help. Otherwise, you can try to find better repro. I am really sorry but right now and with this repro we are not able to help you.

Closing as unable to reproduce.