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Map should be tablet and display the digital battlefield
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I would love to see the old fullscreenmap being replaced by a modern tablet-pc with gps tracker that displays the map and the positions of all allied forces.

Come on, its 2035!


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If this won't be default, we will be forced to use scripted map with gps marker (again). That slows server and clients down.

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You want a military RPDA :) This would make a very nice addon, but I wouldn't throw the map completely away.

RPDA could be an item, like a map or GPS:

  • map just gives you a fullscreen paper map,
  • GPS just gives you your position (grid), with maybe a very basic, non-fullscreen, map (like the current HUD GPS minimap)
  • map + GPS gives you a full map view, with your position marked on it,
  • RPDA gives you an electronic map, with your position and positions of friendly forces equipped with RPDA, as well as vehicles with similar system of position data exchange. The screen would be bigger than pure GPS map, but somehow smaller than paper map.

Such electronic map could also include additional dynamic elements, like marked enemy positions, waypoints and route to follow, POI.

Most of this features already exists in the game, on lower difficulty levels. It's just they could be arranged differently, in a more modern and believable way.

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That would be amazing, It would also be really nice if the GPS (smaller or larger) would rotate like how your navigation works in your car. You have your heading at top anyways my as well be facing it on the gps.

That's up to personal preference and could be switched accordingly in the game options. I am used to paper maps and my real GPS is set to "always north up".

Matched title to represent #10955 (and duping that one).

Just enable extended map info?