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Vehicles take too much to get destroyed
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Seems that vehicles take way too much too get destroyed. I was even able to fly a helicopter into the ground and still fly up again. When shooting the mk19 at another vehicle it takes way too many rounds to blow it up I think. It was better in arma 2


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What vehicles are you talking about, the civil offroad vehicles, or the 'armored' ifrit. I don't have any trouble blowing up the ifrit/hunter with an AT launcher.

the only unrealistic damage is the helicopters which i successfully landed like a plane at 150 km/h on a runway causing the helicopter to take a lot of damage but i flew away

as for the cars, they seem alright in fact i think there a but under armored (excluding the civilian off road vehicle) for example troop transports today have tires that don't pop when shot or even exploded near. in arma3 you can through a frag and takeout the wheels in one go.

this is really annoying considering this is suppose to be 2035 and yet in 2013 we are able to do better.

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Issue is described in 11168, with more detail