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No support for AZERTY keyboards
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I have a french keyboard (AZERTY) and the mapping of the keys does not reprensent the correct value entered. This is confusing when you open the in-game help on the key mapping. You're actually forced to remap most of the keys and write down the mapping manually as the in-game help does not represent the real values of the keys.


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Im French too with a AZERTY keyboard

for example when I press the key "A" in the games channel, a Q is written.

really disappointed to chat whit friends or send command to the server
(I don't know where is key # on a QUERTY keyboard)

gonza added a comment.Apr 22 2013, 5:13 PM

in fact, with an "ALT+SHFT" ingame you switch between "azerty" and "qwerty"
is it possible to remove that ?

Key ALT (freelook) and shift (Sprint) are very used in arma and sometime together.

Alt+Shift is a Windows option. Not a game option.

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This is true with any layout, DVORAK, AŽERTY, LEKP etc.

Just thowing these in, so search returns something.

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