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Option to have daylight visible lasers
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In ArmA 3 we can only create IR laser and not the visible laser by human eye.

Basically it needs Laser Sights on Weapons.

How do I put laser sights on weapons

Place a memory point called "laser_pos" on your model.
The laser will emit from this position, parallel to the bore (muzzle/chamber) line.

Place the following line in your weapon's config.cpp: lightMode = X;
Replace X with one of the following numbers:
0 no light / laser possible
visible to the naked eye
2 visible only with NVGs
visible with either NVGs or the naked eye
Toggled via the normal laser toggle command, default is "L".


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Not all lasers are IR only, daylight visible and combined should be possible.

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I think the way the lasers are designed to only be detectable in night-vision, probably so enemies can't see it.

Bryan, he's referring to traditional laser sights, like red laser dots. In that case, I support his request.

I upvoted. I think a red dot laser would be a handy close quarters tool.

Visible lasers would be very useful for tactical pistols with laser module ofc

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Indeed, this would be really useful for CQB situations. Especially when you are playing on higher difficulties without any sort of crosshair. If you suddenly have to shoot down a long hallway, that split second to right click and find your sights to take a more precise shot can get you killed.

Regular lasers would make the game so much more amazing. In the mean time, will somebody please work on a mod for this??