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Speedboat drive alone when hit by a car
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I've put a speedboat near a beach but when i came to take it, its was stranded so the Best idea I had it was to ram it with my ifrit to put it back in the water.. It worked fine but the boat' engine start and went forward to the ocean.. it took me 5 min of hard swimming to caught up on it but it was lock due to the speed i think.


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Game Physics
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-Go in the editor
-spawn a hmg boat half in water half on ground
-Spawn a ifrit near
-Get in the ifrit and ram it the best you can
-Finally enjoy a sun rise while your boat his getting away from a awsome world of war...

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Confirmed: My boat SEEMED to never lose speed once I bumped it with an IFRIT, it just coasted at steady speed and I couldn't catch it no matter how hard I swam

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Not a problem anymore.
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Thanks for confirmation.

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