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Game Not Updating
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I have recently switched to the development build and there was a 100+ mb update. But, when I try to find a server such as TDM, Hold the objective, Cooperative, etc. The default game modes. Every server that shows up has a red X on the far left hand side. If I try to join it said bad version.

Before I switched to the development build. There were never any updates that come through on my end on steam.

I do not know what version mine is cause I do not know how to find those details.


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I just found what version my game is 0.5.102571

Is this the latest. If so why am i getting bad version on any server?

Please cancel this issue report. I found out the problem. The game modes people are playing are not playing on Development mode. When I switched to beta mode all the game modes were available. Sorry for the bad report.

Closing on request.