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Change actions menu for a radial one.
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Remove the old clumsy "scroll" action menu, and change it for a more intuitive radial menu. (See screenshot below) {F18025} {F18026}


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Press radial button, then just move the mouse in the direction of the action you want to do. Have "get in", "get out" always in the same place, so you can access them rapidly and without having to look at all the available actions. So instead of having to scroll the mouse, read the different actions possible, then scroll to it, and then press space, you open the radial menu, then you have a quick look at every action available, maybe add some icons for faster recognition. Then move the mouse at the action you want to do and release the radial menu key.

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Would work fine on console...
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pops added a subscriber: pops.May 7 2016, 12:35 PM
pops added a comment.Mar 14 2013, 4:07 PM

Voted down, because I already dislike the icons that pop up in the middle of the screen. More icons and/or menus that block the view should be avoided at all costs.

Why are some of you down voting this? Just because consoles scare you? It's got nothing to do with consoles but accessibility, or do you prefer a stupid awkward scroll menu as if you were using Microsoft Word and not playing a game?

It'd be nice to be able to enter/exit a vehicle quickly when under fire and this kind of menu would fix that. It'd also be great for other menu options.

It doesn't have to have icons, it can just be a decent graphical menu like the one that was on Battlefield 2. OMG I just related Battlefield to an Arma game, shoot me.

Maybe you could explain how to extend a radial menu to display a potentially unbounded list of items?

A radial menu is limited by only so many directions. There are times where you need to be able to scroll through a lot of options and I don't see how having text options all over the screen would make things easier.

As it stands I like having visibility. While I'm moving I can access my menu and get ready to execute my action. A radial menu would clog up my screen.

Why is it any better than the current setup? As it is I run up to vehicles and just middle click to get in. Hit 'v' to get out or double middle click to get out as "Get out" is typically at the top of the list when you're the driver and you have a gunner. If you don't have a gunner, eject is at the bottom if you're moving...etc.

Just as you'd learn what direction to point in, you can learn where menu options will be. You're not shaving off any time with this idea, it's a limiting feature that would take up more development time for minimal (if any) payoff.

Although I believe that there should be a more intuitive interface than just having a list of things in the scroll menu, a radial one would be too restrictive, especially when we can have missions/content that can add around 10 more different items in the scroll menu.

Angle added a subscriber: Angle.May 7 2016, 12:35 PM
Angle added a comment.Mar 14 2013, 7:24 PM

Would lock your movement. And that is why its not a good fit for this game. Not because we have issues with consoles.

Well it doesnt have to be as big as in the screenshot. It was only to show how a radial menu looks like. Put it on the top left corner, small, where the scroll menu is already. Make it a little transparent even.

And how would it be hard to display a potentially unbounded list of items? You just transfert the possible actions of the scroll menu into a radial, dynamic one. Not one with already like, 10 presets actions. One that can change accordingly to the available actions.

And about that movement stopping thingy...well not really, let's say scrolling the mouse up would select the actions on the wheel in a clockwise direction, and down would select the actions in a counter clockwise direction. Once the wanted action is chosen, middle click to select it. So this would be more or less the same as currently, usefull for changing weapons on the move. BUT, you could also hold middle click to "activate" the radial menu, making it full opaque, then just move the mouse in the direction of the action you want to use and release it.

If we use the scroll for a radial menu what exactly would be the difference from what we have now? (except for the graphical layout).

And moving the mouse to select action doesn't cut it since you will be hindered from doing any movements and/or shooting.

Well the difference it that it would give the option to choose which menu to use depending on the situation.

You could still use the scroll button to scroll through option while moving/shooting, OR you could use the faster radials one for actions that dont require you to move, like getting in a car, dropping C4, or other actions like that.

And it wouldnt hinder you from moving. From moving the view, yes, but from walking/sprinting.

So you get the best of both world. If you want to keep using the scroll button to switch between actions, no problems. No difference except that instead of having a square box with a list of action, you have a small radial menu with the actions listed there. Heck, keep even the old square menu. But if you want to make actions selection quicker, you could pop the radial menu.

TheHmm added a subscriber: TheHmm.May 7 2016, 12:35 PM

Pressing V or doubletapping V in alpha is the command for getting out or ejecting.

No need for this.

And you cant put text in a radial menu in the middle of the screen.

It's for console, not for PC and I really hate these menu.
Antoerh problem in Arma would be that the number of options changes and so it would be not more intuitive...

pechar added a subscriber: pechar.May 7 2016, 12:35 PM

Voted up, this has nothing to do with console or not, it works best on both platforms! Battlefield 2 has a good popup menu like that. It is faster to select anything than scrolling with the wheel and praying you get the correct option while being shot at!

@pechar: How many items can the popup menu hold in Battlefield?

@Prospekt I have attached a screenshot from Battlefield 2. It holds 9 commands, I can imagine something similar to this popping up at bottom or top of screen. It would contain default or user set commands and change per infantry or in vehicles. Obviously all the Arma commands would not fit so if you select say Status the popup options would be replaced with options for Status. What do you think?

I cant believe people vote this down. I don't think they quite get what we are trying to explain here. Most of them seems to think we are talking about a big ass wheel that block all the screen and stops you from moving, which is nearly the exact opposite of what we are saying.

Ok to sum up why I voting this down:

  • Radial menu has a limited amount of items. With some mods you can go way over 9 items.
  • While radial menu doesn't stops you from moving, it prevents you from looking around, as far as the mouse is used to select a menu item.
  • I don't think it's more efficient than the current system. Get used to it and it will be efficient => unnecessary workload for the dev team.
pechar added a comment.Apr 9 2013, 7:06 PM

I'm sorry @Prospekt but have you even read what I wrote? Radial menus can hold more that 9 items given you switch to a next set of options. Attached find an alternate screen from BF2 with more items. Radial menu is so quick to navigate you don't even need worry about not looking around. No massive work load in my opinion simply implement the ui element to execute the same actions. Why live with an ancient setup when you can have a better alternative, I'm not saying it is the best but surely better than the current system. And there is very little getting used to it.

please also consider this ace-inspired action-menu improvment:

Marking dupe of #10726 since it's got the most votes and your proposal is disputed.