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Peeking and Shooting
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While peeking, gun is cleared from the wall, but when shooting, it does not pass the wall insteads hits it, forcing the player to move out of cover, effectively disabling the peeking function as usable. {F18024}


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different servers with different players, same issues

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What view are you in? 1st or 3rd person? Also is the model of the gun clear of the wall or the aiming cursor?

My attached file shows why this might happen. The crosshair is on the wall, but when you swtich to optics, you gain an extra inch or two due to the lean and height the scope sits above the barrel.

Have you noticed where the barrel of your gun is? This is a simulator, your bullets come from the barrel. The cross hair is on the wall because that's when the barrel is pointed. This occurs in real life too. If you put your hand in front of the scope and fire, you won't hit your hand will you?

If you switch to the third person then you'll see your damn barrel where its heading. This ain't cod.

Guys, the picture was mine, not Turmoil_OZ's. I uploaded the pic to show that the barrel (crosshair) doesn't line up with the optics. Exactly as it shouldn't at such extreme close range.

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this is not a bug or a gameplay problem

Well aware this aint cod, for the record, I've played cod, but I am not a fan! Anyhow, I did as you said when I experienced this, I noticed for the reason of providing feedback, the scenario around it, and I understand the things you are saying around the bullets coming from the barrel and not the scope, although i did not know this, I was very clear that the gun was past the wall before i just ranted. So not very appreciative that some person would come and use this opportunity to judge other players, i am not complaining here, I honestly want this game to be the best it can be, this is my complete motivation, I already love it much more than Arma 2, which I did not get into, with trying. so getting back to this, maybe it would be more useful to enhance the feature of peeking, because this is crucial to the game to make it more simulation orientated, peeking in a way that is of use to the player instead of a nice animated movement for depth but no real benefit. you guys are doing something really special here, I hope that Arma 3 will be all it can be!

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.