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Its possible to fly the Ah/mh-6 on the back for a long time
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Its possible to fly the Ah/mh-6 on the back without losing critical altitude or go in stall thats not realistic at all

try the same in arma 2 and you wont be able to do this stunt

*Altitude lose per sec 1,5m/s


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

-Start the Editor
-Place an AH or MH-6 helicopter
-get in
-start building altitude to ca. 100-200m (press Q)
-roll on your back by using the A or D key
-*fast*when you're flying on your back press the Y key

you will see that it is possible to fly on your back without losing critical altitude

Additional Information

best example that i found
watch this video:

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ah sry i forgot