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addWaypoint does not work with positions derived from markers
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attempting to add a waypoint via the addWaypoint command does not work when the position supplied is obtained through the markerPos command.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. create a playable infantry unit and name it blu1.
  2. create a maker on the map and name it myMarker
  3. create a trigger (your choice of how to activate it) with the following in the on act box:

newWP = group blu1 addWaypoint [markerPos myMarker,0]; newWP setWaypointVisible true; newWP setWaypointType "MOVE";

  1. begin the game as blu1 and activate the trigger. Observe that no waypoint in created.

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This is not a bug, you actually have an error in your SQF syntax - putting the markerPos command inside array brackets will create an array within the array. Instead, it needs to look like this:

newWP = group blu1 addWaypoint (markerPos myMarker);

^^ The above is confirmed as working (tested it myself). Closing issue.