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No smoke&fire seen through window
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Hi, I was blowing stuff up with C4 and satchels charges on the airfield, to get cover, I went into those little "military cargo house v1". When I detonated, I looked through the window and I was able to see the car flipping/hear the explosion but there was no smoke/fire and dust!
Once I get out, I can see the smoke column but not from inside at all!

I also tried throwing grenades outside and I can see the fragments but no dust. Once I get out I can see the dust.

Thanks! :)

PS : the window is bullet proof though, I don't know if it's intended. {F18013} {F18014} {F18015}


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Steps To Reproduce

Go to Stratis airfield or put one of those military cargo where you want.

Put an explosive charge on the ground.

Go into the hut.

Watch your C4 through the window and detonate!

Nothing... but sound.

Additional Information

I didn't tested with other buildings/houses, I was running short on time but I'll experiment more.

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Issue resolved in DEV version 0.53.103798

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