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Stratis Ports \ Docks \Wharfs too shallow.
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For map building, it will become impossible to dock a ship at any of the ports or wharfs as the sea depth is too shallow.

Locations effected:

  • Statis Airbase wharfs.
  • Marina Bay wharfs.
  • Kyfi Bay \ Camp Tempest.

Smaller sea vehicles such as the RHIB\speed boat\assault boats are ok, but static vehicles like the ARMA2 Frigate and Destroyer will not be able to be added in the editor effectively.

I believe the sea floor should be a minimum of 15m below sea level around any wharf\dock in the official maps released with the game. Another requirement is that the sea floor is effectively flat around the docks as static objects often follow the contour of the sea floor when added in the editor.

This will enable mission makers to utilize the excellent diving units in ARMA3 to their full potential as well as add larger scale ships to the docks without issue.


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improved Marina bay and Airbase sea ground in wharfs.

Mass close.