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Server does not assign player a slot where forceHeadlessClient=1;
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When attempting to use var forceHeadlessClient=1;, Dedicated Client is not moved to the applicable slot automatically as seen in beta builds of ArmA2OA. This unexpected result makes usage of HeadlessClient functionality unfeasible as upon every mission/server restart the Dedicated Client must be moved manually to the proper player slot.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Setup headless client as you would in Arma2OA beta build 1.63 Beta


  1. Add forceHeadlessClient=1; to Class Item# using a text editor such as notepad++

class Item36

 class Vehicles
  class Item0
   player="PLAY CDG";
   init="this allowdamage false; this setCaptive true;";
   description="Headless Client";

Two outcomes:
(a) At any mission save in editor; forceHeadlessClient=1; is deleted from the class Item# rendering var useless
(b) If the mission is compiled into a pbo in such a way that the editor cannot strip forceHeadlessClient=1; (such as modifying mission.sqm, saving in notepad++, then compiling with a pbo utility) AND forceHeadlessClient=1; is present during a search of the compiled pbo to verify existence; upon loading mission with Dedicated Client present, Dedicated Client is not moved to playerslot flagged with forceHeadlessClient=1;.

Additional Information


  1. Add functionality in editor to allow forceHeadlessClient=1; var in mission.sqm saves instead of stripping var.
  1. Merge functionality from Arma2OA beta build 1.63 Beta or later or code functionality to move Dedicated Client to player slot with var forceHeadlessClient=1;

**Filed as Engine bug due to functionality that impacts multiple categories such as Editor, Server, Etc

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Some patience; A2OA beta merge in progress AFAIK!


anyways, Upvoted.

Yes please. The progress from the last HC addition in beta was godsend.

Still broken with the (oa beta patch) merge. forceheadlessclient=1 doesn't get deleted by editor BUT on server the HC slot is unjoinable (nothing can join HC slot including HC) and I get this:

Received 130, expected bool
Unexpected message data (message struct NetworkMessagePlayerRole, item leader)
Before (0x00000000): 11 00 00 00 00 35 ff ff ff ff 0f b0 ed 8f 0e be f6 dd 8d 06 00 00
Current (0x00000016): 82

Also my old school (manually move HC into slot or don't execute) method is broke:

if !(player == HCSlot) exitwith {};

Error position: <HCSlot) exitwith {};
Error Undefined variable in expression: hcslot

File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Stratis\scripts\Init_UPSMON.sqf, line 27

Who told you that OA beta code merge is complete? In fact, it's not.

[9:39:42 AM] David Foltyn (Dwarden): ye but the Dev branch has the OA fixes
[9:40:00 AM] David Foltyn: it will take some time before the OA merges will be in stable branch (maybe next week)
[9:40:10 AM] David Foltyn: there is way too many changes

"has the OA fixes"

The evidence of forceheadlessclient=1 working in editor and partially in MP leads me to believe that the functionality of the OA code merge has been completed in this case, the fact that the code hasn't been massaged into A3 working code should of been the point of your statement.

My reported information stands correct as the "code" has indeed been "merged" into the dev A3 tree for this specific function; reported information may help further dev conversion of code.

Fireball, I take it as you being helpful in providing formation but the perception is that I should stop reporting on this issue. I take it as the code has been merged into Dev and there is an issue that it should be reported on.

[16:03:12] David Foltyn: oh btw. there is like 30% of OA beta merges still not fully / successfully merged to A3

This was info from yesterday.

Please close as forceheadlessclient=1 was put in Dev (along with cd key checking that breaks HC completely