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Alot of hackers playing around.
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I have been playing alot of wastelands lately and there is a consistent stream of hackers, either just making everybody on the server a bird (spectator mode?) or just teleporting everyone to a building where the hacker just kills everybody. This is very frustrating as you have been making progress and then just loses everything and are forced to change server or to wait until the scumbag gets a permaban from the server. Is there anyway for you guys to prevent hacking or is it just up to the server admins to keep those scumbags away?


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Join server
2: Play
3: Wait for hacker scumbags

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We are still in alpha. and people who hack in alpha's only help close the loop holes when the game is released. its why BE isn't running. Its something you just have to put up with if you play on open servers till release\when BE is implemented and tested.

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the birdthing was afaik a bug wich occured when someone with developers branch joined a stable Alpha server

Please search before reporting. Hacking is a known issue and an anti-cheat solution is in the works.