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Hovering Helicopter over water causes screen to blur
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Like the title says, I was about a good 20-30m above the ocean when my screen started to have this purple/blue hazey blur as if I was fading to unconciousness.


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The same thing happens when your diving without a wetsuit, so I assume its something to do freezing in the water but I don't see how this would make sense with a helicopter 20-30m above water.

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Maybe its just supposed to be the affect of the mist obstructing your vision? that would be cool just don't know why you would only see purple. I will have to try this tonight.

If there was a mist, I would expect it to be surrounding the helicopter rather then my characters vision directly, and the mist would not be purple.

Just thinking it may be more of a place holder than the final effect. Which I think would be cool if it were possible with the Phsyx engine. Having the chopper surrounded by the mist and somewhat affect yours and your crewman's vision especially we get to the point of being able to create some missions that take place on the sea.

but I'm just guessing and dreaming I suppose.

Might have just been a rare glitch I bumped into, I did 30,20 and 10m hover test over sea for about 5mins each and I did not get the same blurry purple mist vision.

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