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Switching seats from driver to passenger in ground vehicles cause player to stand and stick out of the vehicle model
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Switching seats from driver to passenger in ground vehicles cause player to stick out of the vehicle model. When using the add-action to change seats in the vehicle from driver seat to a passenger seat caused the player model to stand up (sticking out of the vehicle's roof) and not be able to move until using the add-action again to sit in a seat or leave the vehicle.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Sit in driver seat of vehicle.
  2. Use add-action to change positions to a passenger seat. (not exiting the vehicle)
  3. Witness error.
Additional Information

This may be related to the standing in boats bug that has been mentioned in another work item already ( When I stumbled across this bug, I was able to reproduce it 3 times in a row in the same session. I have not attempted to reproduce it other than the initial session that I stumbled on to it.

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Also happens in MH-6 with passengers with latest Alpha update.

This is actually a dupe of another report that was marked as fixed in a recent dev build. If it still happens with any vehicles, please make a new ticket with a request for re-opening.