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Cannot see selected grenade when player has no primary/secondary weapons
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If you have no primary or secondary weapons, but you do have throwable weapons like grenades and smoke grenades, you cannot see what type of grenade you are going to throw. Left CTRL+G swaps between your grenade types, but there is no indicator that tells you what grenade you currently have equipped. That indicator is normally on the top-right under your gun information, but without a gun equipped, the game hides all of that information.


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In the editor, place a soldier and remove all weapons and items. Then, give the soldier a hand grenade and a smoke grenade. You are able to toss the grenades with G, switch grenades with Left CTRL+G, but you will be unable to identify which grenade you have equipped without first throwing one.

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@Astaroth, it's resolved - see screenshot. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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