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Ability to Assign AI to Player Team Leader
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Would it be possible to make it so a player squad leader can assign AI squad members to another player to create a fireteam?

So if I have a squad of eight, two players and six AI controlled soldiers which are all set to team white I can divide them up into two seperate fireteams one white and one red.

Now when I assign half my squad to team red I want the control of the AI soldiers to switch to my friend (second player) so I control fireteam white and he controls fireteam red.

When after whatever mission it is complete and I assign all members back to team white AI control of the team red AI should return to me. {F17992}


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Hope I have made this clear enough


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This would kick some massive ass

This is easily done with little scripting. I've uploaded small test mission for you with this group dividing capability. Copy it to your missions folder inside profile folder and open in editor.

I would like this feature. It would be so much easier than controlling, like, 20 AI when you can just have your friend control half!

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