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RCO magnification too strong for a designated marksman role
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12x magnification is very unrealistic for optics issued to squad leaders and designated marksmen. At the ranges a normal infantry squad would engage targets, the optics give too little field of view, resulting in poor situational awareness and high reticle movement in unstable shooting stances.

The units in question do not have the luxury to carefully select their fire position, stance and target. The 3-4x magnification found on most designated marksmen scopes is therefore more suited.


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RCO seems to be one of those ACOG type combat scopes, which are almost always 3-4x, sometimes higher (though I've never seen one over 7x, and even those were variable and not fixed power). 12x for a combat optic is just ridiculous especially when these things are mounted on assault rifles.

That's a typo in the description - optics like ARCO or Hamr uses 4x zoom - not more

The Zoom on these actually seems to be more than 4x just by the looks of it. You sure they are correct? The field of view and magnification seem awfully close to the high, rather than the low end of the scale...

Edit: Plus, I have observed engagements at ~800m and up to 1200m by the AI, so maybe these excessive zooms are deliberate? (note, these engagements were with rifles only, often not even scoped but with red dots)

Kinda feel (both RCO and ARCO) like a 4x scope to me.
I do agree with the typo comment from sairus002