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No Bullet Trace Underwater
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While gunfire is shot underwater there is no animation of bullet being shot by me or people above water. Creates a slight confusion as to where my bullets are going and where I'm being shot from above water surface.


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Starting the diving mission, get into water and fire gun. Watch for a trace of gas bubbles behind the bullet. Catch the attention of the guards on land so they start to shoot you, or guards in the boat as you get back into the water. Watch for traces of where the bullets are coming from, bubble streams in other words.

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Unsure whether it's just on my computer or other people have had same problem.

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I'm not that familiar with weapons that fire underwater, but I am aware that normal projectiles will not travel through water. Tried and tested, also proven in mythbusters. Might just be a realism thing. I suppose it would be easier for the player to see the round, but not very realistic.

@Mace, if you look up on Youtube there are plenty of videos where people are shooting their glocks underwater or similar guns. The military also makes guns made for water based combat. Granted those bullets don't travel FAR, they do have enough major power to create a vortex of spinning gasses through the water.

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The CAVITATION Effect would create a Bullet Trace even when the Weapon is not fired from air into Water.... But of coarse the Trace would be smaler then the known pictures from shooting into water...