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Waypoints and mob initial positions are modified randomly by the game causing indeterminate behavior
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Waypoints and unit locations are altered randomly from their position set by the editor. This results in indeterminate behavior, exemplified by the two versions of a mission attached below. The elements were copied from one mission and pasted into a new mission in the editor, and positioned as a group in almost the original position. Upon loading the two missions, however, the helicopter is in dramatically different locations. Further, when the Alpha 1-1 unit travels to its first waypoint, waits for the helicopter to land, then boards the helicopter, the helicopter will immediately take off in one version, but stay put in the other version (I believe this has to do with the distance between the helipad and the helicopters next waypoint, which is increased beyond a certain threshold by the random variation.)

While having random variation in unit initial position and waypoint position can be an excellent way to spice things up and make the game less predictable, it can, as in this case, royally screw with the mission. I propose making this an optional setting for placed objects, i.e., click a check box for the unit or waypoint to be affected by randomness.


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Place a waypoint on an easily recognizable land mark, and position a playable unit nearby. Load the game and see where the waypoint is. Repeat several times to observe the waypoint moving about randomly.

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I would say this is unintended, as there should already be a "placement radius" option for waypoints and units. Maybe something is causing this option to act as a non-zero value even when set to zero?

That sounds pretty likely. Hadn't noticed the placement radius option, but I went back to double check it just to be sure, and all the offending waypoints are set to zero radius. I've been seeing this happen to more than just waypoints too. Seen opfor end up swimming nearly 50m offshore from time to time when placed near the waters edge.

Closing due to lack of activity for over 5 months. If this issue/request is still valid in the latest dev build, please create a new ticket or ask for this one to be re-opened.