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The Rocket Launcher Seems way too fast
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Anytime you are firing rockets from the launcher no matter how far away the target is, the rocket seems to almost be instant. So if the target was 1/2 mile away, the rocket gets there the same time it would a target 100 yards away. There should be some sort of delay to make it look more life like.


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Fire the launcher at different ranges

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Well, some AT ammunition is indeed very fast. You need to take this into account. As an example RPG-7's V round has a muzzel velocity of about 110m/s RPG-29 has twice as much and both of them are actually granades, not even rockets. With an average engagement distance as of now it would take less then 2 seconds to hit target.

This is not COD or BF where rockets travel at 20-30 m/s. In real life a crummy RPG7 goes from around 115 m/s at launch to almost 300m/s (+1000 kph) while a javelin reaches over mach 1.7 in flight (+2000 kph).

Closing due to lack of activity for over 5 months. If this issue/request is still valid in the latest dev build, please create a new ticket or ask for this one to be re-opened.