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placeholder objects for mission creation
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At the moment there are no small objects that helps mission creators to create objectives with such as evidence, money, map, files, laptop, briefcase, etc.

These objectives are really helpful to create divers missions and story lines. It will help us to better create mission with the limited content that is currently available in the Alhpa version. As for objects we are now limited to using weapon crates, a vehicle, a unit/civil, base capture and the likes to create objectives with.

It would be cool if the small objects (mentioned above) could be temporarily added from ArmA2 as a placeholder so that we have something to work with.


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For the ones that want to thumb this down, how about providing a reason for it. Be glad that people are creating missions already. With these placeholders mentioned above you will only get better missions and maybe even full campaigns. So thumb it down and shoot yourself in the foot.

I agree it would help mission makers to have a wider choice of objectives, however I don't think this should be a part of the Alpha.

The Alpha is mainly to find, identify and fix game breaking bugs and give feedback on the current content available.

As for the items themselfs; I think these should be added at the Beta release, while mission makers now can either use the currently available items or create a simple mod which include the items required.

I'm not voting since I'm not against the request, but neither think it's an important issue which should be addressed before the Beta release.

Vote down.

Because ArmA3 is still in the alpha-stage. No need for complex missions. Imho invest the time rather into testing available content.
If you want to retreive a map, etc, place an equivalent object in an ammobox, can change it later on.

I understand your point, but the alpha phase is also about the editor. I only use a limited amount of possibilities now, because there is not much diversity in the objectives you can create. With an intel objective (and using the laptop for example) I will use different script code then I will use for a simple 'capture and hold' objective. The more objectives, the more divers scripting that will be used and the more glitches and bugs that will be ironed out or at least will be reported. Besides, it will bother nobody if a few small objects becomes available in the editor, it's win win.

Well have fun with Wasteland and zombies then. Fine by me!

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For RC we plan to have more small objects like boxes, cans, food, maps, laptops, drills and more...

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"cans, food"


Cheers. This was an old alpha request that is pretty much mute now that the official release it coming in 24 days. :)

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We have most of the requested Items now.