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IFRIT gunners crosshair/aim sometimes disabled
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When you enter the gunners seat and right click you sometimes get the crosshair and sometimes you don't. It's nearly impossible to shoot without the crosshair. We noticed that the first guy that enters the gunners seat doesn't get the crosshair, but when the second guy comes in, he gets it. So: straight to gunners seat -> no crosshair, drivers seat -> gunners seat -> crosshair.


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Straight to gunners seat -> no crosshair, drivers seat -> gunners seat -> crosshair.

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Did you press 0-NUM?

For some odd reason, if you're the first person in the vehicle you have to press 0-NUM in order to get into "weapon view" where you're looking through the view of the weapon with crosshair and different optics like night vision, IR, etc.

I think they really need to change it so that no matter how you get in the gunner seat or if anyone else is or is not already in the vehicle, the behavior is the same AND single right-click goes into weapon view instead of just zooming.

Unable to reproduce in the latest dev build.

Since this ticket is very old and has not recieved any attention for a long time, I'll go ahead and close it. If the issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket.