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MP players by peramiters.
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I'd like to see the option to allow someone to set the number of players ina mission through the paramiters themselves, same with AI on or off, just something I'd like to see to make mission building a bit easier, for those that dunno how many people they want in the mission, :P


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That's already posible in mission creationg phase(editor).
Custom made missions involve scripting knowledge to implement such "advanced" features

Well, I eman like you can choose the players once the mission is made and such, think like you start up a can designer for at least 00 plahyers, but you only want a squad vs squad game, you can pick that in the paramiters, and the player slots would reflect this, just somethign I'd like not a big deal if it dosin't happen though.

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This can already be done. Close the ticket.

No it can't, the number of player slots in a mission is hard set by the mission designer, you can't change it on the fly when you start up a pre-made mission and go to the parameters.