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Ejecting from low-flying helicopters
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Players should be able to eject from low flying helicopters in order to f.e. survive hard landings to water or jump out of the helicopter hovering above inclined terrain. Righ now the crew and corgo can get out only if the helicopter is sitting on a flat terrrain.


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That's because the eject function for helicopters is disabled right now, due to the lack of parachutes in the game.

It will be possible to do it as soon as they "unlock" this feature

Jukk added a comment.Mar 13 2013, 11:25 AM

You can eject from a helicopter even if it is not on ground. At least when hovering (hovering still, that is) low, you are able to eject from the cargo. Although I've noticed that the AI still won't comply if you order them to disembark.

Isn't that trought the "Get Out" action ?
If so that's not really an eject :P

Jukk added a comment.Mar 13 2013, 11:34 AM

You're right about that they removed in-flight ejecting but I think it was still labeled as eject when I tried it on a low hovering helo.

But yeah, you can't really do parachute jumps or anything for now.

EDIT: By low hovering I mean about one or two meters above the surface of the water.

If you really want to eject of the hélicopter right now there is a mod on armaholic who let you jump. But there isn't any parachute so install this an use it at your own risk

Agreed, divers need to be able to jump from a helo

Dupe of #0001283.