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script kiddies already hacking
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Happens randomly on multiple wasteland servers:

  1. all players on map turn into a seagulls in the same location
  2. all players get teleported to one spot
  3. all players get exploded simultaneously

Hacking/cheating ruins a game, has resulted in the downfall of many brands. couterstrike is a great example. As a hardcoregam3r4lif3 I can not stress how serious this issue is.

This game is revolutionary, and is amazing (best game ever). I really hope you guys get it right, unlike EA who release 1/2 finished products.


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Play on multiplayer server for about an hour... Sorry have not taken screen shots or anything.

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Unfortunately this is the consequence of having such an open platform of a game. Arma has always been an extremely modifiable game, which is a major part of its success, this also leads to people being able to hack in extreme ways very easily. Of course the hacking has been made a hell of a lot worse with dayz bringing so much popularity to the franchise.

The best thing you can do is join an active Arma community in your area and use their private servers, your also going to get the most out of the game play doing this.

yeah all over the internet arma 2 scrips have been imported to arma 3 and are gone free worldwide.

some of these are caused by people with the Dev bundle of arma 3 bought from steam joining a server. they are working to fix it now

Anti-cheat is being worked on. Reporting the general issue of cheating is not necessary.