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Ai aiming for me always
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no i know that sounds normal but what i mean is that no matter were i am even if i am at the back of a group it seems i will be shot first .... so basically the ai will always shoot me first ... is this supposed to happen ? it makes missions so difficult to complete. ( this is really only for close combat missions like the first showcase and some of the ones i have made in the editor) {F17964}


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play the infantry showcase or create a close combat mission were the enemy can clearly see you and your team

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If you present the easiest target around, they should be shooting at you. Are you standing around in the open, or are you crouched, peeking out from behind a tree?

No repro, no use.

I attached a repro mission which proves the opposite, three AI units forced standing in front of the player and the player gets shot last - every time.

Closing down. Please come again if you have actual repro steps.