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gameplay with xbox 360 pad
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There are a problem with the lunette sight (LT touch on the xbox pad, click right with the mouse). With the xbox 360 pad, it's not possible hold his breath like the mouse.

without this modification, it's unplayable with the xbox 360 pad.


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Upvoted because that's a genuine issue, but I have to ask. What the crap are you doing playing a PC game with an xbox controller? Shame on you!

I think the problem is were the default key bindings of the xbox pad are, LT and RT aren't actually buttons, they're analogue inputs , so when you ask them to do digital functions like that, things go wrong, also assigning LT/RT to aim and fire interferes with the functions in helicopters, since LT s pedal left, but RT is still fire, as that's a universal control, If the default is to assign LB and RB to aim and fire instead it would work as they're digital buttons rather than analogue. This also frees the triggers up to work as pedals on the helos, if you re-assign the throttle to the right stick up and down, it gives you much greater control over too- sure it might hurt the simulation slightly to control a littlebird like an R/C heli, but if you really wanted Sim you'd use a full flight suite, not an Xbox pad.

sorry but i prefer the PAD (it's my choice) ,I managed to solve the problem with a software (xpadder) but it's preferable to have this ajustement by defaut in the game because Xpadder is limited...

thank you for understanding my choice for the PAD.

Sitting on a nice comfortable couch and looking at arma in all its glory on a big tv is fun.

Honestly, I think we will see more support throughout the dev cycle. They already have A B X Y buttons in the menu. I think they're building the game for a future console release.

Up-vote #0000940 for re-binding of XBox controls.