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Wheels collision provides weird results
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Hiting a vehicle's wheel with an other one may give some anomalies and bugs. {F17931} {F17932}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

1- Spawn a quad and a civilian car
2- Ride the quad
3- Hit the car's wheel with the quad
4- See what happen
5- Repeat...

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Have noticed the same. Scraped a bridge's side rail with right front wheel and that wheel became sunk into the ground exactly like first pic above. There was no apparent damage to the vehicle, but after edging away from bridge the wheel remained sunk into the ground and the vehicle could not be driven further.

I was trying to test if Arma 3 has or uses something similar to Raycast wheel simulations but I can't because the wheels don't even collide with objects.

Good news from my tests is Arma 3's driving physics compared to the VBS3 driving physics video are pretty similar. Bad news is we need dynamic control over friction and like I said above, the wheels and bottoms of vehicles seems to have their collision disabled and then this effect is increased with the higher the speed.

Edit: It appears like its the entire bottom have of the vehicle that has collisions disabled.

Not sure why BIS_Iceman would close the only ticket that had video on how to reproduce the bug 100%, so here it is again

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Unable to reproduce in