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Screen goes black for a second when getting in/out of vehicles
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I know this is deliberate, but it'd be nice if people could state if they like it?

Vote up if you don't want the black screen when getting in/out of vehicles anymore.
Vote down if you want it to stay like it is.


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i think with the new boarding animation on the little bird it looks a bit silly

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i think if theyre going to take out the black screen then theyll need to add animations of people getting out to replace the represented time lost getting out or atleast to give a smooth transition cus the black screen like shields ur eyes from having to watch your character teleport through a vehicle as well as other things that kinda mess with immersion

yes spycho,

the blackscreen is there because there's no proper animation blending in reality engine, so they do that to hide the moment your character disappears in vehicle and respawns outside of it in a horrendous jump off animation from ofp.

heres hoping smookie pwns bis's former animation artist and changes this with a full close/open door, enter exit animation with no cut/paste bs.

Another reason is using of interior LOD. There is more details in interior when you enter any vehicle. Using of this LOD all the time would have impact on performance. If we remove that black screen, then there will be visible change in details inside of vehicle. There are reasons for this black screen at this moment and we can't just simply remove it.