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Massage error during in-game
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While in-game, i randomly receive error messages in red, it says

" No massage received in 10 seconds"
"No massage received in 20 seconds "
" No massage received in 30 Seconds "

And when i try to move my Avatar, it does not move, everything freezes.
This Only happens in Multiplayer****


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/The text is in "Red"
/Only happens in Multiplayer

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"No message received..." means that you have problem with connection to the server. It can be caused by two things:

  1. Server does not respond (probably is not working in the moment)
  2. Your network connection does not work properly

Please try to identify which one is your cause.

why are you complaining if the game is giving you a massage? enjoy it!...

OH, you mean "mEssage"?

yeah, its your internet, it does that all the time, ArmA's netcode is not what we can say "good"

Closing due to lack of information / no response in a long time.

If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket and make sure to include all necessary info / files.