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player stand up when exiting map while crouched
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you can't look at your map while crouched without risking standing up from your cover with enough time for the ennemy to transform your upper body into swiss cheese


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go crouched
go to map
exit map

your player should stand up for a a bit of time then go back to the initial position

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the way the player stance has always changed when map viewing ive always felt was a complete waste of time and an unecessary animation that does nothing to enhance gameplay. I'd like to see the stance not changing at all when you view the map...instead just let it stay however it was when the player entered the map view. So, if im in standing position when I press "M" then i should stay standing...if im crouched when pressing "M", then i should stay crouched. This is what I would prefer, personally.

Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build. Thank you.

the problem seems to be resolved :)

Issue was looked into and fixed/tweaked as designed.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it, keep up the good work and help comuinty and developers to build better game for all.