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TrackIR could use more function (6 deg. of freedom)
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TrackIR works fine with the POV and leaning isn't as smooth as it could be, but there are a few things I and others with a TrackIR would like to see.

  1. Zoom funtion similar to ArmA 2 (Z-axis)
  2. Seperate head lean / body lean as If you were to hold Ctrl+A/Ctrl+D or Q/E (roll/x-axis)
  3. Also simulate vertical movement of head (y-axis)

I feel like this would make ArmA 3 that much more immersive and fluid.


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Play the game with a TrackIR

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If you take the AH Choper, you will see that Z and Y works, but it's very small.
I don't try in car or boat

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Yes it works but I don't get why it don't work for infantry, +/- on keyboard still works for that. Anyway it's alpha and imho TrackIR is a low priority atm.

I use freetrack and find that Z-Zoom dose't work at first time,then I try some settings(basically try set track on zoom key assignment,although that dosen't work),and finally,I happen to get it work as zoom,I don't know how and why,but it works,anyway...
Vertical movement is great ideal,since ARMA3 have ctrl+W\S function,why don't just make Track tY axis do that work?

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