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Can not load mission made with vanilla A3 assets
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I had made a mission to learn Tasks and skirmish modules with the intent of using it as a guide/template. However after latest patch i get.

You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependant on downloadable content that has been deleted.A3_soft_F_Galkin.

Don't have any mods running.


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Your not alone, seems latest build has changed name to referenced addon "A3_soft_F_Galkin"..Had to remove over 20 missions with this error message so far!

You might have to open the mission.sqm in text editor and manually change/remove any reference to "A3_soft_F_Galkin" in the addon list to get it open in editor, then resave the mission in latest version.

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Ok cool i will try that and see if i can get it back. Thanks :)

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Open mission.sqm in notepad and replace all "A3_soft_F_Galkin" with for example "O_Ifrit_MG_F" (machine gun version IFRIT) is one way to fix it. I suspect downgrading version to not devbuild and removing any IFRIT may repair it as well.

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Must have done something wrong. Lost mission :(. Oh well back to the drawing board/editor :P


i found a way to fix it.
You have to open the mission file in a text editor, then go to the mod folder of ArmA 3 and find the file that causes problems (the renamed version of course, since the original doesn't exist anymore).
In the case with "A3_soft_F_Galkin" the name was changed to "soft_f". Now change the name in the missionfile, the new name should be "A3_soft_f".

Its similar to Wolv´s way, only you don´t replace the name with anything, you should get the same file that you had, since it was in use, you are going to need it.

if you placed "ifrit" in your map, go in the mission.sqm and find an object with "galkin" in it, rename it to "ifrit"...
the car has been renamed AND remove/rename (didn't try to rename) "A3_soft_f_galkin" ^^
(at least worked for me)

I released a mission update on armaholic and people are reporting this problem indeed. Hope this will be solved as nobody can play missions if they use the Dev version of alpha.

This work.
This is how you fix it.

1). right click on your mission.sqm
2). use notepad to edit it.
3). in the top of notepad choose "replace"
4). In the new window type ( case sensitive )

in the lower box type

5). Press "replace everything"

  1. save and exit notepad.

7). open the arma 3 editor. You will now see an error but just click okay.

    now you should be able to view your 2d mission and edit everything.
    you might need to delete and replace your previous cars/vehicles ect. just 
    to be safe...

Sincerely Delevero.

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