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Hacking admin rights
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So, dont care if you find them, ban them or reward them to be honest but its too early for this to be happening and its worrying. The dedicated servers should have more security, maybe even some system where admin rights are only available from the server, no remote access. Or at least during testing. Having this for the dedicated servers would mean that people could play and test. I am going to take a brake for a day or two myself as the last 2 days or so I have had nothing but being killed off, pushed into spectator mode and then spending an eternity getting back in to the game only to be put back into spectator mode again, I then spend so much time there, thinking it was some kind of bug and trying to work around it to only crash, start game again, find another server, etc etc and around and around I went. I got so little actual game time in that I could not effectively test anything.

While I get that its early days and all that but this early on having so many hackers/script kiddies does not bode well, not at all. What is my game experience going to be like 3-6 months down the line? How much easier will it be? Will things become so unplayable that the only solution is white-listed servers? Cause thats not a solution at all, its a work around by the customers.

Please please come up with some better code to stem the tide. You also need some sort of CD key banning system, with an appeals system also in case you get it wrong. Some way of tracking, and banning CD keys so if you cheat you loose access to the game. Which means you guys, if you do not already do so, will need to start gathering multi-player metrics regardless of what server people are on.


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There are no dedicated server files, yet.
All the servers you see are the game "standard" exe with the -server parameter

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Even more important that something be done then. And would be dead easy, only admin rights if you are running the game on that PC. simples

Anti-cheat is in the works.