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Can't enter vehicle unless you are team leader
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I have noticed that if you are in single player and single player only you can't get in vehicles unless you are the team leader or you are ordered to. this can cause annoying results.

it isn't totally realistic that if you aren't the team leader all vehicles are magically locked.


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Steps To Reproduce

go into editor

make two units (player has to be lower rank than the other)

group the units

place an empty vehicle and preview

attempt to enter the vehicle

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That's because the team leader (AI) is commanding you to disembark when you get in the vehicle and you are forced to.
IIRC was the same in A2

but i don't even have the option to get in at all

it just says gear.

Ah, i misunderstood the issue then :)
That's strange.. i was able to get in vehicles when i wasn't squad / team leader, but instantly "ejected" by the order to disembark from the SL/TL.

Are you sure that the vehicle lock status is set to "unlocked" in the editor ?
Also, what vehicle was it ? maybe just that particular one

Like in Arma 2, the unit you are playing may not be able to drive. When you create a unit make sure that he can be a driver.

I set up a squad of 4 units with an empty ifrit (HMG) that is set to default in the lock option. i am not playing as the unit that commands the squad and when i try and enter the vehicle all it says is gear

maybe it is because it is set to default instead of unlocked, i don't know

if this is easily fixable and not worth putting it up as an issue then please tell me and i will remove it (provided that is possible).

As a start you may try again and set the vehicle as unlocked, this time :)

sorry guys this issue is wrong. you can enter the vehicle if it is set to unlocked my bad.

No worries. Closing as no bug. :)