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When i join the game it doesnt let me choose a fraction
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I join a multiplayer server and it leaves a blank screen and donsnt let me play until I press ok and it pops up with the fractions.


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I think Arma 3 is more of a fan of whole numbers.

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This is the same issue as

Caused by the latest dev build
BIS are aware, many posts on the forums about it
Most noticeble symptom, spawning as a seagul

"I think Arma 3 is more of a fan of whole numbers."


As Terox said, it is because of a mess within connecting A3 Alpha users and A3 Alpha - Dev users. Today we have already distributed a new DEV version including a modification which DO NOT allow to cross-playing between DEV and Stable(default A3 Alpha) users. So now DEV users can't connect to a A3 Alpha-stable version and vice versa. This limitation has been needed because of a fact, that there can be a huge differences in these two sub-distributions (different game versions, data, etc.) which can have(and obviosly already have) an harmful effect on a bug issues clarity