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Cars can't flip over
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So when you drive with your car, and you drive really fast, maybe at an hill and then steer very hard. Your vehicle falls on it's side or flips on its roof, but it then ALWAYS goes back on it's wheels...
pls fix... this is Arma not GTA...

(hope you get what I mean, german here :P)


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yeah, vehicles should'nt be going back on their wheels so easily, even though sometimes it is realistic, ONLY sometimes. All the other car physics are massivly better than in Arma II , i know what i am talking about...;) i think BIS has done an awesome job on this.

I've only managed to flip and stay flipped once, every other time it just magically rolls back the right way round.

yeah, and I think the steerign of cars could be a bit better, it's like press a/d short almost no move... click a/d long (steeringwheel is complete turned) you'll do an 100° curve...
may be a bit exaggerated but I just wantet to point out what I mean :P

I don't know if I imagined that, maybe I was just lucky not having this issue this time, but if not the Dev Build fixes this. Can anyone say the same?

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Fliped pickup only ones - by hitting a tree while 'flying' at about 5m height with around 100km/h speed, it landed on roof.

I'm really worried that developers did this "balancing" hack to compensate lack of experience or time to prepare physics assets. Hope that we will see some higher quality content before beta.