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Reformat and Reintroduce Battle-Eye
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One priority, above all else at Bohemia Interactive Studios, should be to reformat and redistribute effective anti-virus software. I do understand that this is in alpha, but I am also aware that this was not nearly fixed on ARMA 2. BIS has always been using less-than-efficient anti-hack software. The game is rendered completely and utterly unplayable due to the issues I have seen so far:

  • Teleported over the far ocean as a seagull
  • Entire server blown up (explosion/explosive entities spawned on players)
  • Entire server teleported to one location
  • Completely black overlay advertising hack websites placed over the screen, only able to be erased by hitting escape (although the advertisement is restored once you enter back into the game)
  • Entire server slayed.

These were all issues in ARMA 2, and it seems to be a bit inefficient for BIS to release all of these new features without fully refining the anti-hack software. If so much has changed in ARMA 3, why hasn't the hack problem?

As far as you can (and undoubtedly will) progress into the full game with (amazing) new features and content, you cannot negate the game-breaking issue within the multiplayer portion of the game.

Please fix ASAP BIS, and thanks for all the hard work.


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Join any of the top servers in the ARMA 3 Multiplayer Game Browser.

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If anyone would like to link videos, please do so. My video-recording software is not working.

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There is not much they can do as far as scripts go; it's the way the engine was designed. The best that can be implemented is good script restriction; or it could even be easier to just whitelist all the known scripts that are legit and have BE (when it's introduced into arma 3) insta-ban anybody trying to remotely execute a script which isn't on the list.

Or just put a maxCustFileSize=0 in the server.cfg as it was for ArmA2.

It's an alpha, we don't have true dedicated servers yet and there's no BE support, yet.
There will be for sure in the retail, maybe even in beta.

Alpha stage priorities are critical engine performance and stability issues.
90% of people in here seem to have forgot about that..

ArmA3 (and other games based on the VR engine) are designed to be as open as possible so people like you and me can modify the game at our likings.

This has never been a problem and in all the years I played these games I've never any script-kiddies (since they're not hackers...) until the great success of DayZ, which introduced the engine to arcade players (and therfor script-kiddies).

If you want a "hack-free" game, buy something less open, without mod-support and without community created content, since that's the only way to slow down the so-called hackers...

I really don't believe that having a mod-able game and having a mostly script/cheat-free multiplayer experience are mutually exclusive. cf. Quakeworld, Quake 3.

Anti-cheat is in the works. No need to report it.