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Hacks have arrived.
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Every server, everywhere I go I am getting tp'd to the ocean as a seagull along with the whole server. {F17886}


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Join server.
Wait 5 seconds - 1 minute.
Become seagull.

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Can't even play multiplayer now... $32 down the drain.

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Same for all players on all servers!!! Please fix!

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yep when does battleye be implented?

Bumgie added a subscriber: Bumgie.May 7 2016, 12:20 PM

i uploaded a screenshot of a hacked server encouraging people to use aimbots. like really? this is not cod or bf3..

Remove that picture please. You are linking hacks.

the game just gets ruined by kids if this continous, i hope battleye will be implented soon


Thank you, I didn't realize this was just a bug... as it seemed exactly like a hack used in arma 2. Hopefully it is worked out soon. Please everyone go to the link Bumgie posted and upvote it!

This is not a hack it is a bug with the current dev build.

I am aware of this, as you can see in my last note. Please everyone downvote this since some unintelligent person posted a picture of where to obtain hacks here. Plus there's a better report about this that's been upvoted much more already now.

32 dollars down the drain....

Game not finished home-bro, you're here to test and report feedback, not cry because people are cheating in multiplayer.

Same Here USA 1300 hrs,, Staem update 3-11-2013 NO Player Role Assignments, AUto Kick
Several Servers. Reinstall NO Good but update at 1900 hrs same day SeaGulling as Described...