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Player Customization - Actual Military Uniforms [Details of Uniforms/ Ideas]
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So basically, a good portion of the ArmA II community consists of Military Organizations, whether they are actual veterans or not, like to play Realism with each other and have a good experience that is realistic. With that being said, I see in ArmA III that uniform customization has been added and I can swap uniforms in the middle of game and not change my unit. What this leads up to is the ability to [Pardon me if I get this wrong or do not have the right term] your information such as your patches of your unit and your last name with dog tags. So let's take a company, 116th Cavalry, their emblem is their patch, we should be able to customize our own and have it on spots of our uniforms as of customization. This is not a major issue and is just a creative idea to add more variety seeing how I have observed that people like customization in their games. Thanks for reading this and I hope something in the future can be made of this.


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Yea that would be awesome

They are called ACU Patches to better help the community look at them. Off-duty uniforms and Officer uniforms would be awesome also, get some Class A's in-game and it would be great!

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