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Hackers transforming everyone on the server into seagulls
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On several servers I've played on in multiplayer, the entire server has randomly been turned into a seagull at once and spawned out to sea somewhere. It's extremely annoying and respawning does nothing, the only option is to quit the server and hope you find one that doesn't contain a hacker.


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Play multiplayer for about 10 minutes, especially on so-called "anti-hack" servers, I think the hackers see it as a challenge or something.

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Obviously it's alpha so stuff like this is going to happen- hopefully something can be done to fix it for the final release.

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This might be due to combining the latest developper version with JIP players. This hapenned on our passworded server.

its very annoying

I can confirm it is the dev version combined with JIP

Yes. I used the developer build of the game and have recently been the cause of this seagull bug on the servers I've joined. I changed back to normal and I were able to join games as usual.