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Anti Cheat system with this feature
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Whenever you guys get an anti cheat system implemented. Please add the feature where if someone is banned from any multi-player session for hacking then their IP address will never be able to access the game ever again.


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The game is becoming unplayable with every server I join into has someone hacking within 5 minutes of joining.

Why did you double post this? ill reply with the same comment anyways

It isnt so much a hacking problem as it is script injection. Arma 3 is a simulator at heart, and allows players to use scripts while playing because during mods, active scripting is needed, this allows any player to use scripts, I.E. making everyone birds and so on.

Because I was stupid and raged and put in a part where I said to have the hackers killed. And I couldn't go back and edit or delete my original post.

Anti-cheat is being worked on. Reports of cheating are not necessary.