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Issue with PhysX
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with Nvidia graphics card (gtx580),PhysX is always forced to CPU
and i have an average of 25 FPS


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I noticed that in other games (borderlands 2) I have 120 FPS
if I set the physX on GPU, with a maximum particle, I have a loss of 20-30 FPS (100-90 FPS)
if I configure the physX on CPU, with a maximum particle, I have a loss of 40-70 FPS (80-50 FPS)

I wonder if being able to put the physX on GPU in Arma3 will improved performence of Nvidia cards ?

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Go to Nvidia control panel and set physx to always use the GPU.

well the game doesn't utilize gpu physx as much so your performance will drop keep it on cpu.

Arma3 does not use APEX PhysX, so it is CPU only. Not a bug.