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Payload - Pilot lost ammunition wen exit Hilecopter
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Every time wen I exit of my helicopter, my soldier lost all munition of your gear.


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Choose a weapon, take your ammo.

Go to Helicopter,


Land and exit.

You lost all your ammo.

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Works just fine here.
Where / how did you test this ?
SP showcase ?
MP server ?
Custom mission ?
Editor ?

Provide as many details as possible :)

MP Mission at server.

Im as Pilot class (but only pilot can pilot at that mission), i go to the ammo box, pick my gun and ammo.

Wen i fly and land i lost all my ammo. i go again to ammo box pick more ammo and again i lost before land my helicopter (littlebird - Transport version and Atack).

Thx for feedback.

Do you remember what was the mission name ?

It's probably due to the pilotCheck script that removes your gear when it returns OK so that pilots only do pilot's job !

Name of mission is Domination Lite.

Downvote because I didn't experience this, the bug could be with the mission.

SYSTEM added a subscriber: SYSTEM.May 7 2016, 12:17 PM

looks like an old Ace feature that goes wrong due to new classes.

Btw Xeno prohibited to port Domination to Arma 3

Please, close!

It's resolved.

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This issue was closed as no-bug.