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Catastrophic failure.
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Game catastrophically fails when user tries to open any type of inventory screen be it through the "I" key or through vehicle inventories.


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Attempting to look at loadout screen/inventory scrren whatsoever.

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Check your game integrity via Steam.
There are a lot of players playing MP missions and accessing gears at crates, vehicles, personal gear, etc.

How so, Also I am using windows 8 if you could lend any advice as to problem areas I could check it would be appreciated.

To check the integrity just open Steam window, go in the Library, right click on ArmA3 and you'll find in the first window that pops up a "button" that says something about checking the file integrity cache.

Also, there's a thread about "strange" crashes with Window8, you may report your system details, dxdiag and .rpt file there too.
Here's the link:

The current Crate-Fillers have two faults:

  1. They OVERFILL the crate with 100 of each, strangely resulting in 300+ 7.62 Mags and many others that get more than 100 units.

Also, the game doesnt take account of weapons with addons, so they are handled as a "different gun" and get added too - so you have 8 or more EBR variations, 100 pieces of each, wich clutters the ammocrates up.

  1. They add stuff without certain things being implemented yet or even intended to be used - like the Boonie Hats, or the Rangemaster Outfit and even the Backpacks "Basetype" (creates a Backpack you cant use and doesnt have a picture) as well as certain non-functional (or available) scopes which just throw around errors.

Only thing would be, people edit their Cratefiller and add less stuff (5 of each or 10, more for Magazines) and cleanup the Base using a script - dropped Weapons and Ammo never disappear, contributing to lag, over time.

Alright very helpful now as I have absolutely no experience scripting if the validation comes up with an issue how do I go about fixing it or is it an automatic function?

Never mind it has been validated and is up to code still the game completely crashes out. Could it be my OS?

To any moderators this problem has been corrected in the dev builds and can be removed !!

Closing on request.