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BIS: Stop using the "sink into ground" solution for long range grass concealment
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This has been in use since at least arma 2 and i was very disappointed to see it again in arma 3. It looks absolutely terrible. A soldier when viewed with any kind of zoom from a distance, is visibly sunk into the ground. This is done to "simulate" grass concealment when grass is out of draw distance range.

This is an unacceptable solution and ruins the immersion in ANY sniper mission. Even just using right click zoom with a rifle allows you to see soldiers sink into the ground.

The only proper solution is to Draw all grass in the distance when using a sniper scope or zooming. It would not impact performance because you would only be drawing a small amount of grass (that which is in the scopes field of view).


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view enemies from a distance with some kind of zoom

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terrible solution since often the distance is so far, the grass would still have to be generated at an extreme range. also, this doesn't solve the right click zoom issue.

a better solution was already proposed and picked up:

i suggest you delete this so as to not distract and burden the devs

I saw that. that does not fix the problem of the ground being completely bare of grass. RO2 draws extra grass when viewed in a sniper scope and it works very well

RO2 also doesn't have any kind of big drawdistance or modern graphics.

I agree, the same thing as pointing to something and seeing the 'meters' in relation to the player should render the max LOD when aiming via a scope or binocs etc and unload the data from around the player.

this problem is massive when you have the draw distance set to min and sniping because all you see is blue fog.

There is nothing more disappointing than seeing the amazing world of Arma 3 and all its beauty and then looking through a sniper scope and seeing bare low texture ground.

I think no matter what solution BIS finally goes with. grass must be drawn for the entire field of view when looking through a sniper scope.

yeah if you could draw "some grass of equal texture" and not the ACTUAL grass that is around the player it would be fine, meaning no calculations per blade, etc, just "he's laying in Grass1212 so render some Grass1212 in the scope. That might work, otherwise I completely support the other proposed solution of breaking up the silhouette.

What I hate more than how it looks, is that sinking them into the ground actually makes it more difficult to SHOOT them. Can't count how many times I've shot a guy just for it to mis-calculate a hit of the ground instead of the player, and that's even seeing the bullet impact the player and get a puff of dust instead of blood. You basically have to shoot the top half of the player because anything close to the ground is crapshoot

@jjondle - I think you are referring to the sinking as it is in Arma 2. (It feels its different in Arma3)

It may be of your interest that in Arma 2 the character model indeed!! was put underground!

But the important noticeable thing is: The HITBOX DIDNT MOVE WITH IT.

That meant you had to shoot ABOVE them (even above the whole model) to shoot them appropriately.

Just for your information;)

Best regards!

Unimportant issue. This game is not about graphical glory, it's about realism. I'm sure they are open to goods solutions to this, but "delete it" or "render all grass" are not valid solutions.

@Rasenger People sinking into the ground is not realistic. This is a major issue.

But it's a good work around to simulate what you can't do otherwise due to HW limitations.

Grass rendering is a pain for your HW in a 100Mt radius already (around the player)

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This feature have to stay untill a better and more efficiet method is implemented. Right now its as usable as it is.

Rendering grass around your point of view as you zoom in is not a real solution as position of grass won't match a lower detailed mesh of landscape, you would have to load higher resolution patch of landscape too. Solution proposed here seams to be more reasonable: [^]

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