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Cricket sounds are buzzing
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I have a video of the 'most likely' cricket sounds buzzing, instead of having there normal sound.


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None, it happens every few minutes.

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This noise only happens on arma 3, every other application is fine. So its not the ussual sound card issues etc..

I uploaded a few clips to youtube.

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It sounds fine to me. I've heard the insect before, though I can't identify it for certain what it is. Most likely a cicada, locust or different type of cricket/grasshopper than what your use to hearing.

You are probably right.

DrHat added a subscriber: DrHat.May 7 2016, 12:14 PM

You must be joking..The sound is extremely invasive to my experience, I have no way of turning off unless I turn off any other environmental sound, it sounds like a broken piece of electronic equipment, or a robot insect..

Please, PLEASE reconsider your view on this as it is an extremely annoying sound and is always out of sounds so unnatural and fake and loud compared to anything else.

b101uk added a subscriber: b101uk.May 7 2016, 12:14 PM

DrHat, they sound exactly as they should for the northern half of the Mediterranean region, you could even argue the sound in some places doesn’t play often enough or with multiple instances at different distances thus sound levels and phase to each other!!!

Having spent a lot of time around the Med in the past, it’s a sound I can switch-off in my head BUT if it was missing it would be a loss of environmental sound realism, as they are really that loud even when 10m to 20m away.

DrHat added a comment.Jun 22 2013, 1:37 PM

Okay so they sound like that in real life..fine, but its still way too loud, its disruptive to the experience and to my ears, even when my sound is at a very reasonable level.

Saying its "realism" isn't an argument that makes it okay to damage my hearing or for having sounds that get on people's nerves :-/

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 12:14 PM

I actually can't hear anything in your video.

DrHat added a comment.Jun 22 2013, 1:45 PM

Turn on your sound? :-/

I meant I can't hear the crickets.

the constant cricket sound is extremely loud and annoying. an option to disable it would be very welcome.

it's not because you are on Mediterranean island that you must obligatory hear cricket wherever, whenever. it's very cliché.

personally i often stop playing the game after 10 minutes because i can't stand this sound more.

mbbird added a subscriber: mbbird.May 7 2016, 12:15 PM

I have a feeling that this is a setup on your end, Mr feedback poster. There was nothing out of the ordinary in the video. Loudness, sounds, etc all in check on my end.

Those are definately cicada's, not crickets..and you wouldn't believe how loud they can be. Clearly heard through a door or window rooms away, as though they were right there beside you.

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Mldri added a comment.Jul 29 2013, 7:18 AM

@cyrilator "cliché"? The cicada's are everywhere in the mediterranean. And they are freaking loud. If they add the option for disabling or tuning it down, it would break the athmosphere. I have thought previously that they should make it louder. Brings back memories from my vacations there.

Silly ticket of major severity, downvoted

I often go in South Of France, and I can guarantee you Cicadas don't produce sounds 24/7, but only at some precise hours and their sounds are not continuous.

the game wrongly simulate it. the sound is heard everywhere, everytime without idle time.

the cicada sound must be lowered, idle time must be more frequent.

DrHat added a comment.Jul 29 2013, 2:59 PM

I must object on the strongest possible terms, against all the people downvoting this.

For one, the sound itself is ambiguous and comes from a random direction without the *SLIGHTEST* hint of distance, elevation or otherwise - It's just 100% loud. (Hint: THIS IS NOT HOW SOUND WORKS! Never mind in real life. Look up "Sound waves" and the "Doppler Effect")

Secondly, the sound is EVERYWHERE - you can be on the highest mountain, the lowest valley, or even at a *paved airbase* and the sound will suddenly jump at you out of thin air. This makes no sense *AT ALL*.

Thirdly, the sound is much much too frequent. Simulation all you like, but I'm in a situation of constantly having my sound nearly overwhelmed by this loud buzzing noise and it having it happen quite often.

Fourthly, good grief I don't know where you find your electronic Cicadas, but I've now spent the past *HOUR* looking up sound clips from Cicadas (Because I'm not familiar with them and I wanted to make sure I wasn't know, honest research) and I might have found 1 or 2 that might..just MIGHT have some slight resemblance (though not NEARLY as mechanical sounding). But you know what I also found? I found that even in large concentrations, these small critters don't make that sound and it is a lot less invasive than what is in the game, and a LOT LESS random like it is in game.

Point being: Let me turn this sound off, or give me a "Cicada volume" slider - I've never asked for something this specific, in ANY game, because I usually LOVE sounds (I'm actually an audiophile) ..but this is too much.


I can guarantee to you that those are crickets.


To hear ANY crickets AT ALL in the game, I have to turn my volume up up to the point where the MX rifle sounds louder that an HMG on the MRAPs. I also can't hear any crickets in your video.

Mldri added a comment.Jul 29 2013, 5:52 PM

+1 AD2001 I didn't even notice the sound before I saw this ticket. It just felt natural. But I do agree with DrHat (somewhat). The sound shouldn't be everywhere and must be more dynamic( like near trees or patches of grass). But when you stand IRL 10-20 m away from crickets-cicada's, whatever they are, your ears will bleed! It wouldn't be fair for other players if they included a slider.

They shouldn't be in bigger towns, of course, but even if there's A SINGLE tree in the middle of a street, you'll hear them, trust me.

Mldri added a comment.Jul 29 2013, 6:42 PM

I have been to South of France, Italy 2x, Croatia 3x, Albania and Crimea(not mediterranean, I know) and that's pretty much how they sound. You say you that you have been in france too, but don't remember them like that? Sorry mate, but you should check you hearing then. Everyone I know, that has been there, remember it like that. /downvoted a thousand times

Cicadas are all over Greece & Europe, quite annoying at night :/


I'm not sure about Greece, but here in Croatia, I literally can't sleep because of crickets sometimes. :D

They sound okay on my game, not to loud.

The only issue i have is that the sound doesnt come from the environment but just overlays the game sound. You turn your head around but the sound sources dont change. Might be too taxing to place multiple cicada sounds i guess.

It is a cicada sound,
this is completely the right sound, just get used to it and

Cicadas have an amazing way of getting their chirp EVERYWHERE... its extremely difficult to tell where they are in real life (in my experience anyway)

No, actually it's a bug. The cricket (I'm still saying they're crickets) sounds are not positional meaning that they're not coming from a source.

I don't even notice them. Too busy hunting the enemy :P

Yep, that's a cicada you're talking about. I know those things, cause I'm from a mediterranean island, here in Greece. The thing is, those insects can only be found in summer, and they can be heard from day till ~evening. Some times you can hear them at night as well, probably because of the many lights, and because of the heat, though during the night hours they are mostly silent. I wouldn't want them removed, it's just that it really doesn't "feel" good hearing them any month that isn't June-August, and at night hours.. I may exaggerate a bit, but if they somehow fixed that, it would be awesome.

Bohemia, do not change ANYTHING!

DrHat added a comment.Sep 11 2013, 3:13 PM

Bohemia, do change THIS!

Will that make an equal impact as AD2001? It should...

Now onto being a little more serious about this: It isn't as though that those of us who want this particular issue addressed, think that these creatures aren't real, nor that they don't make a loud sound..not at all. We're saying that whatever sound this is, it isn't accurately representing the real sound and even if it did, it is much MUCH too loud and behaving in a much too arbitrary way.

As I stated earlier

"the sound itself is ambiguous and comes from a random direction without the *SLIGHTEST* hint of distance, elevation or otherwise - It's just 100% loud. (Hint: THIS IS NOT HOW SOUND WORKS! Never mind in real life. Look up "Sound waves" and the "Doppler Effect")

Secondly, the sound is EVERYWHERE - you can be on the highest mountain, the lowest valley, or even at a *paved airbase* and the sound will suddenly jump at you out of thin air. This makes no sense *AT ALL*."

I implore you to consider these points and act appropriately.

The sound not being positional was already reported.

Maybe there shouldn't be any sounds on the airbase, but ONLY if there aren't any trees.

Sounds should be louder in larger forests, such as the one near the Kamino firing range on Stratis.

the problem is : go at 1 km from the shore with a boat, you will still hear them.

-cicada sound isn't dynamic, there is no geolocation of the sound.
-sound isn't temporized. there should be longer blank period, then active period. but not 100% of the time.

A Cicada is one of the loudest insects in the world, it can actually deafen a human if held to your ear. The sounds in game sound extremely realistic to me having heard them in real life. In fact the in game sound is actually quieter, less irritating and less continuous than the real thing!

The sound is perfect as it is.

DrHat added a comment.Sep 12 2013, 3:13 PM

Even *IF* it a loud insect (thats what everyone says and I tend to agree), the way it is done in the game is NOT, I repeat, NOT! how sound waves work - The sound is omnidirectional and is always 100% loud. There is no middle ground, or distance, or altitude involved with this stuff and has no respect for where you actually are (mountains, runway, SEA (SEA FOR HEAVENS SAKE!), tree-less areas etc)..Whether you like this so much, out of pure devotion to the concept of "the devs can do no wrong" or something else, it doesn't change the FACT! That this is not how any sound IN THE WORLD, works.